(Video) How to Quickly Conquer Social Pressure in 5 Simple Steps

It’s no secret that social pressure can hold you back form what you want in life.

I see many guys with alot to offer the world hiding themselves away because they crack under social pressure.

When you can resist social pressure, you’ll have a much easier time meeting and attracting the women you want.

The key to beating social pressure is to remember no-one cares what you say or do. Most of the time people are too focused on their own lives to pay attention to other people for more than a few minutes.

Here is a simple exercise to help you desensitize yourself to social pressure:

1) Grab a Camera

You’ll need a small stand or tripod for your camera.

2) Find a Busy Location

Go to a place with plenty of people. I first did this in George street, Sydney. A place where 500-600 people walk past you every minute.

3) Make Sure People Can See You

The whole point of this exercise is that strangers can see you. Don’t hide behind a sign or pillar.

And make sure you go here own your own. You’re not allowed to bring your friends.

4) Talk Loudly Into the Camera

In the begin you will keep your voice low to avoid being heard. Fight this and speak loudly and clearly into the camera.

5) Push Through the Discomfort

You will feel uncomfortable for the first few minutes but keep pushing. In a few minutes you will find yourself in this bubble and become desensitized.

Remember, this desensitization is a gift you give yourself. The super power to just not give a fuck!

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