(Video) 9 Subtle Ways to Display Confidence on Dates

Ask any women what she finds attractive in a guy and 90% of the time she’ll say confidence.

The mistake most guys make is they over do it and come across as cocky.

However, if you can show confidence subtly it’s much more powerful and you’ll have a much easier time building attraction.

Here I will list 9 subtle way you can show display confidence with women. The tips will sky-rocket your chances of seeing her again:

Here is a simple exercise to help you desensitize yourself to social pressure:

1) Check Your Assumptions

A great deal of your insecurities come from going inside your heading and worrying if she likes you.

Too often guys worry about how they look or what they are doing and psyche themselves out.I want you to make good assumptions. Assume she likes you. Assume you are doing the right thing. Do this and you’ll be able to let go of a lot of your anxiety.

Remember, she feels what you feel. If you’re nervous, she’ll feel nervous.

2) Tell Yourself You Will Enjoy This Date

Go out planning to have a great time with this woman. 

Don’t worry about enjoying every date, just the one in front of you. Let your thoughts about the past and future disappear from your mind and be present in the now.

Forget trying to get an outcome like making her like you, or getting another date, or taking her home. Just treat her like she’s and an old friend you are catching up with.

3) Count to 3 Before You Respond

When she asks you a question count to three before you respond.

Nervous people speak fast and jump on questions. This is because they feel what they say isn’t important and are worried about being cut off before expressing themselves.

Confident people take their time to response and speak. They believe what they say matters because they believe THEY matter.

4) Don’t Talk Too Much

Sometimes when people get nervous, they talk too much. They are trying to fill the silence because the silence will bring attention to the discomfort between them and other people.

The problem with is it can cause you to monopolize the conversation.

Instead speak for 45 seconds max then ask her a question and wait for her to respond. Then let her talk as much as she wants.

5) Check Your Tonality

Watch out for “Wuss Tone”! Don’t let yourself speak meekly or speak overly polite to her like she’s the queens and you’re a peasant.

Instead speak deeply and clearly.

6) Avoid Nervous Tics

Some people have nervous ticks. For example they may fidgetrub their hands together, or bite their nails.

As we grow up, we pick up these habits and they are a dead give away you’re nervous. Even if your aren’t nervous these tics can make her think you are and will kill the attraction.

Also, don’t pick your nose! There really is no way to recover from this one if she catches you.

7) Keep Eye Contact

Insecure people break eye contact when talking to people. But confident people will not.

8) Relax and Keep Things Light

Don’t be overly serious. Dates are casual meet ups where you get to know each other a little better with an emphasis on fun.

However, if you guys talk about something and you don’t see eye to eye, it’s easy to get hostile instead focus on just winning the argument. You must avoid arguments at all costs on the first few dates. There will be plenty of time to get into arguments about beliefs later on.

Also avoid serious or bleak topics such as disease, trauma, accidents, money problems. Instead keeps topics light and fun. For example you could talk about your favorite foods, holiday destinations, or what you would do if you won the lottery.

9) Be Unshakable

Become stone. Nothing she says should have a huge effect on how you feel. A good woman will always try to knock you off balance to see if you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

For example she could say “I don’t agree with that”. Instead of getting reactive and trying to convince her of something. Just say “ok no problem”, then talk about something else.It’s hard to keep a steady frame when talking to women because us guys want everything to make logical sense 100% of the time. Because of this we take everything a woman says as finite and immutable. Because that is how we communicate.

Women don’t communicate this way. They are more emotionally expressive and a lot of time what they say only expresses how they feel in the current moment. So don’t take everything a woman tells you to heart. She could change her mind in the next 2 seconds.

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